Ilke <3 Blaou

Yeay! We are so happy to present this collaboration with Swedish artist Emilia Ilke. She's made this fantastic print in collage technique which we put on our cosy Piong sweat. 

SHOP the sweater HERE

Emilia, how was it for you to become a mom? 

Overwhelming and one of my best experiences ever! A dream since a very long time that come true. I loved it from the moment I reallized I was pregnant. And expecting our second child in the middle of march makes me super thrilled. 

What inspires you?

Meetings with other creative people, especially the ones with good energy and a big heart. Art and exhibitions. My own goals and bucketlist.

How do you shop kids wear?

90% second hand on different flea markets and shops, 5% new when my son really needs something that I didn't manage to find second hand in time. And the last 5% is gifts from friends.