How to play with Blaou (a user’s guide)

We asked Izzy Pugh, master of mixing and matching to mix and match up our clothes. Here is the result, plus a free guide on how to get that perfect look for the summer!

1) Pick your favourite patterns - we picked Noisy, Moule, Mosaic, Poppy and Cameleon because we are not very good at picking favourites!

2) Put them together in any way you like - Matching is good but mixing is better (children know this but sometimes grown ups need reminding)

3) Remember that buttons are the enemy - getting dressed should never take more than 5 minutes and clothes should be soft, stretchy and smooth.

4) Ignore the rules about who can wear what - Flowers look good on everyone, blue is perfect for girls and leggings also make great hats. 

5) Once you are dressed it is time to play. Swing from trees, fight with water, chase bubbles, become a knight, invent imaginary worlds and stay outside till the sun goes down. 

6) Remember to never stop playing’

Words and pictures by Izzy Pugh
Clothes by Blaou.