We want to inspire the future generation to be noisy, colourful and wear with care.

Blaou is creativity, shape and colour. 

We create our own classics and make comfy clothes for proud kids to inspire the future generation. We are kind and inspiring in what we do and we want to make the world a more noisy and colourful place. 

Sustainability and gender neutrality are important for us. Garments with longer life and garments with a past make garments for the future. We work with the same sizes for girls and boys and prints and colours for all at an affordable price. 

We embrace the fact that opposites attract - Blaou is a one of a kind kids wear concept. We are based at Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden and we sell through our own web shop.

Blaou was born in Gothenburg, in an old workshop full of litter and dreams. The founders Johanna and Ellinor are former colleagues at the fashion company Monki. The idea to create Blaou began in the back seat of a taxi, when  Ellinor whispered to Johanna that she was pregnant. She was surprised by Johanna’s answer; ”So am I”!

When we got children, we felt that something was missing on the market. After working in the fashion industry for many years, we were ready and excited about doing something ourselves, so we decided to try to create what we ourselves missed. We began to formulate thoughts about a new children’s clothing label during our parental leave. But it was not until the autumn of 2016 that we seriously considered the idea, and Blaou began to take shape.

Our first collection was released in late November, 2017. Since that date, we have continued to release new collections six times per year, slowly building our brand and our offer to include more of what a child needs for a complete wardrobe.

Our journey continues!